Care and regular cuddles

Comfortable, hygienic and spacious, with first-class attentive care to keep your cat happy during their stay.

Whilst staying with us at Cleracres your cat will enjoy a cosy, warm and snug individual chalet with infra-red ‘sunshine’ heating and a spacious external covered run. Each chalet measures 4ft x 5ft; the exterior run is 10ft x 5ft.

All of our chalets are DEFRA approved and licensed to accommodate up to three cats, although of course only if from the same household. Each chalet has four sleeping places, on different levels, with blankets, a cushion and a heat lamp to keep them cosy and warm when it’s cold.

We encourage bringing small items and toys belonging to your cat as we think it helps them to feel connected with home.

Inside the chalet your cat has complete privacy but can look out of the window, which is dressed with curtains to make it feel homely. There’s a cat flap, always open, providing access to the external run area, so your cat can come and go as they please.

Bristol cattery chalet
Cleracres cattery Bristol
Cattery Bristol

Tranquil countryside

Although meshed-off and completely secure, each exterior run is protected from the weather but still open to the air, with a sun-deck where your cat can sit and watch what’s going on outside. Outside, the tranquil peace and beauty of the north Somerset countryside lends Cleracres a special atmosphere that the cats themselves seem to appreciate.

First class care

Food bowls are kept topped up, chalets are cleaned and litter trays emptied daily. We can take care of grooming and also attend to any medication or treatment your cat requires, including insulin injections for diabetic cats. And of course we ensure that every one of our residents gets some special attention and cuddles every day.

Elderly and infirm cats

We have some low-level chalets that we call our ‘snugglies’. These are ideally suited to less active cats needing quiet retreat. Separate from the main chalet runs the snugglies offer quiet seclusion, so can also serve as a convalescent retreat for cats recovering from injury or medical procedure and needing frequent attendance.

cat motif

… a special atmosphere that the cats
themselves seem to appreciate.

You are warmly invited to come and take a look around the cattery at any time during our normal opening hours – no appointment is necessary.